Business Summary

Min Project Size: 
avg Hourly Rate: 
$50 - $99 / hr

About Citirex

Powered by data science, CITIREX connects advertisers with high performing audiences through direct response and brand campaigns. Using thousands of unique proprietary data points, our technology makes accurate monetary predictions, maximizing brand awareness and profit. We have officially registered as web development and internet marketing company in 2007.2009, CITIREX  launched beta version of one of the most successful commercial email marketing platform based on Power MTA engine, which was huge addition into our marketing strategies, beginning a pursuit of innovation that continues today! 2011, CITIREX launched contact center platform which helps call centers around the world create profitable customer experience through pour powerful portfolio of dedicated call center ACD, call routing, self-service IVR, Voice recognition and agent optimization solutions. 2012 CITIREX launched first CPA affiliate campaign, became the catalyst of change, opening media channels to new and growing businesses and creating a truly open market for ideas, products, and companies through performance marketing.READ MORE...

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