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avg Hourly Rate: 
$100 - $149 / hr

About High Level Marketing

Ready to grow your business by 30% or more?Join over 1,000 of our current clients who share the same success. From SEO to Paid Search / PPC, Paid Social and award-winning web design, HLM is a full-service agency delivering results for over 10 years. When you partner with HLM to grow your business online you get a dedicated team of in-house industry experts who collaborate on everything from your digital marketing strategy to design and development, to analytics and optimization, to content and performance management. We take a deep dive into your business and growth goals, and use proven strategies with our own cutting edge technology to help make them happen. In an industry where every digital marketing company says they can get you results, we go one step farther; we make you relevant. Relevant to the search engines and most importantly, relevant to your potential customers. Because in today’s competitive marketplace, getting you more leads is not just about getting you to the top of search results. It’s also about positioning your business as the better choice. And positioning you as the better choice is our specialty. Proven StrategiesFor something to be proven, it takes data, a lot of it. The kind of data only a company whose worked with thousands of companies has. To analyze that data takes some sophisticated technology, the kind of technology we’ve engineered to constantly test theories until they become proven strategies. The strategies needed to take the guessing game out of getting you results.READ MORE...

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