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$100 - $149 / hr

About Lithium Marketing - SEO & PPC Agency

PPC MANAGEMENT & SEO COMPANYThey have a need.  You have a solution.  They search.  They find you.  Sounds easy doesn’t it?  But is your web presence and ad-spend putting you in front of your potential customer’s eager eyes?  Can they even find you online, or are they constantly being handed over to your competition?Digital marketing is NOT a website.  Digital marketing IS the action-taking realization of a comprehensive battle plan to position your company above your competition.  The battle field may be online, but the impact is felt in the real world.  So isn’t it time to be disruptive and shake up the competition?We are a highly analytical, strategically focused, results driven team of professionals who are eager to partner with you.  We measure our success by the growth of your business.  We don’t simply send your site more traffic, we create custom landing pages and focus on CRO to ensure your PPC marketing is profitable and your website Search Engine Optimization is powerful.  We don’t want to simply get you more internet traffic, we want to deliver to your front-door more paying customers.So what do you say, ready to make some noise?READ MORE...

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