Business Summary


About M3 Group

The key to our success is M3 Group’s ambitious team. With strong leadership and a driven staff, we are an unstoppable force. When we say the sky’s the limit – we mean it. Founder and CEO, Tiffany Dowling, started M3 Group in 2002. For more than a decade, M3 Group has built and refined strong brands by working on a variety of platforms with our clients. Our designers specialize in creating eye-catching designs and full circle campaigns.Our web developers take into account both form and function. The video production team creates anything from cutting-edge short format videos to traditional commercials. We create social media campaigns and high-end brand plans. We work diligently to guide our clients to the results they are looking for. M3 Group is different from your average advertising agency in that we own, publish and produce three local magazines. These magazines serve as a platform to showcase outstanding, local news and are our link to the communityREAD MORE...

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