Business Summary

Min Project Size: 
avg Hourly Rate: 
$100 - $149 / hr

About Macon Raine

Macon Raine is a full-service B2B content marketing agencyWe work as an extension of your team, running all or most of your content marketing: PPC, SEO, marketing automation, content creation and promotion plus the technical marketing operations required to keep things moving.When we work together, you get a dedicated team that includes an art director, PPC/SEO expert, a copywriter, a strategist and a technologist/analyst. We  handle everything from content strategy to writing, design, outreach, and promotion.So when you hire us, we’ll help you get results.More traffic, likes, shares, users, and registrations are nice. But what you really want is more customers.That’s what makes us different.We focus on getting you new customers. Conversions. Great content is a good start – but behind the great content is a solid strategy, planning, promotion and outreach to make sure your messages get seen and heard and acted upon.If your content isn’t creating customers, it is just another expense.READ MORE...

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