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About NectarSpot Marketing,Automation, and Design Company.

From the onset of a client relationship, we not only listen & understand our client’s current digital landscape but also ask the right questions to provide feedback on what our clients need to hear! We tend to build a strong client relationship by providing true visibility on where our clients are vis-à-vis where they need to be on stated business objectives#DataFocusNectarSpot is founded on the belief that proper data collection, attribution & analysis is not only important but also a necessity to identify complementary strategies for client’s accelerated growth. Our proprietary tool monitors clients campaign performance on pre-set KPIs thus bringing accountability to client/agency relationship#PartnershipDrivenNectarSpot utilizes partnerships which are best in the marketing industry viz. certified ‘Google Partner’ and ‘Constant Contact Solutions’ partner. The coveted partnerships allow us to stay up-to-date with industry insights, case studies, and fresh marketing resources directly from Google, Shopify, and many others.READ MORE...

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