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About Red Crow Marketing, Inc.

Red Crow Marketing is a strategic marketing consulting firm and advertising agency.  We have long and successful track record helping companies understand their changing marketing environment, assessing their osition/challenges/opportunities, developing measurable strategic marketing objectives, and producing exceptional, top-quality creative deliverable products which help separate and elevate their brand value to consumers.  Red Crow Marketing Inc. was born in 2004 to assist managers, entrepreneurs and CEO’s with their marketing and advertising needs. We’re not a huge company; we’re more of a boutique advertising agency, a benefit our customers love. We don’t have rows of cubicles filled with designers, developers and producers. We don’t have dozens of sales reps who lose you in the hectic shuffle of day-to-day business. We’re what we like to call a personal-sized advertising agency. Our goal is not to have the most clients. Instead, our objective is to provide exceptional, one-on-one service to the clients we have. Quality trumps quantity at Red Crow. Our specialties are: strategic marketing consulting, search engine optimization, graphic design, web design, video and audio production, jingle production, direct marketing, media placement, social marketing and web development. We specialize in the Service Industry, Health Care Industry and Manufacturing Industry.READ MORE...

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