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About SEOzone: Google-Friendly SEO In The Berkeley / Oakland / San Francisco Bay Area

Whether you're located in the Berkeley / Oakland / San Francisco Northern California Bay Area or anywhere else in California or the U.S., would you like your website and your business to appear higher in search results by utilizing Google-friendly search engine optimization (SEO) techniques?  SEO involves hundreds of ranking factors that apply to your website and everywhere else your business appears online. Each listing and citation (including Google Ads, Google My Business, Google search, Yelp, social media sites, etc.) has its own SEO rules and ranking factors. Knowing and implementing them is essential for achieving optimal SEO results.  I can do all of your SEO for you or - if you prefer - teach you how to do your own. Either way, you always know exactly what's occurring with your SEO efforts, and precisely how your money's being spent.  Don't be victimized by the hard-sell, overpriced marketing tactics of SEO companies using fake reviews, making false claims, outsourcing their work, and delivering poor results ... all at your expense. Compare. Ask tough questions of them and of me (nicely of course!).  No sales pitch and no outsourcing, with fees that are upfront, typically varying from $3,500 to $5,500 depending upon the type and complexity of the work involved, and payment flexibility to help accommodate your budget. Feel free to openly discuss pricing with me, and call today for a complimentary, in-depth, no-obligation phone consultation.READ MORE...

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