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What would it mean for your business if your website produced more leads that turned into paying customers? You already have a fantastic product or service that people need, so if you’re having trouble it could very well be your website that’s holding you back from success. Stop leaving money on the table. Not all websites are created equal. Have you ever wondered how some businesses get what appears to be an unlimited flow of leads from their websites?“It’s like they’re turning on a faucet!” you might think. Maybe you’re in the same industry offering similar products or services to the same target audience... and your website barely brings in a dribble of leads. The frustration really starts to set in when you realize that you have a better looking website than they do. So what gives? Why do some of your competitors have a “magic lead faucet” and you’re struggling to make a living? It can get awfully scary when you rely on your website for leads, client acquisition, and sales, and the thing just doesn’t seem to be “doing it” for you. The problem could be directly related to the underlying design methodology of not only your website’s visual appearance but your overall branding strategy too. At TechKnow, we’re experts at spotting these problems. They stick out to us like a sore thumb. We help our clients convert their underperforming websites into lead generating assets. Which is why we’re the go-to professionals for web design, e-commerce, Amazon consulting, Facebook ads, copywriting, and more. Imagine having a website that works silently in the background, as a powerful marketing machine.READ MORE...

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