Business Summary

avg Hourly Rate: 
$100 - $149 / hr

About Verge Pipe Media

Verge Pipe Media is a Social + Local + Mobile inbound marketing and mobile app development agency. We connect organizations with individuals and groups by way of social media, mobile devices and word-of-mouth marketing.The tools of our trade are: o Human talent in spades from English majors to Techies o Website design, development and SEO - especially HTML5 / CSS3 o Apps for iPhone / iPad and Android devices o Social Media platforms - We vamp your facebook page for starters o Event and Guerrilla marketing - point of impact, point of decision Verge Pipe Media | Imagining for the Social + Local + Mobile world Vision - Become the most respected creative + tech team in the world. We will achieve this by always demonstrating: + Integrity + Imagination + Leadership + Doing Work That Matters, and + Fun - for our clients and ourselves Purpose - VPM imagines for others and ourselves a world where individuals, groups and brands are connected and share experiences in fun ways on social media platforms, mobile devices and real-world events. VPM will lead the development and growth of apps which combine lifestyle, entertainment, gamification and the “real world.”READ MORE...

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